Contact: Art Director and Choreographer Gordana Stefanovic-Erjavec

Technical Director: Dušan Erjavec

Office: Tkalska 9

Studio: Trubarjeva 1 a

3000 CELJE



Celje Dance Forum began its activities in the season1976 as the first dance theatre in Slovenia.

In its short period of existence the company, its different approach, its progressiveness and its attractive performances drew a lot of attention and it was thought to be an alternative dance company.

Celje Dance Forum created numerous projects which even today still stand as milestones in the development of contemporary dance theatre in Slovenia.

Since 1980 the art director has been Gordana Stefanovic-Erjavec, who was the company"s most active member and dancer and who was transformed the Dance theatre into a major dance education centre which, under its new name of Celje Dance Forum, creates opportunities for the education of children, young people and adults in dance theatre.

Numerous dancers who took their first dancing steps here have continued their education at academies abroad and chosen dance to be their profession.

Celje Dance Forum regularly presents new productions for children, young people and adults.

In recent years numerous dance performances have been created ( Rockereta 1989, A cow in the Circus 1990, Magma 1990, A droplet 1991,A Freddies nightmare 1991, Veronica 1992, A story about the Dance,1995, A dreaming Dwarf 1995, Reflections in the mirror of Rose Mlakar,1997, A Door without a door 1998, A Fruit Opera 1999, Get back 2000, ALMA 2001, Butterflies of time 2001, Body song 2001, The secrets of the rooms 2002, The Worms 2002, BIS 2003, The King Urban 2003, Pippi The Longstockings 2004, That something, 2004, A Dinner with the Deamons 2004, Tris 2005, Horoscope 2006 ) which have been presented and well received all over Slovenia and abroad (Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, France, N.Ireland, India...). They have won numerous important awards for their uniqueness ( The Golden bird of Slovenia 1979,1980,1981 and 1983-four time,

Celje Dance Forum is driven by creativity . It always surprises the audience with the new ideas based on different sources ( choosing different music- from ethnic, jazz, new world music,contemporary genres combining movement and voice) it is constantly in search of new , exciting innovative ideas in order to achieve an exciting and professional level .